Art Imitating Life
As the saying suggests, art is a reflection of life. Think about yourself as an artist and as a human being. Submit a piece of original artwork that you believe best represents you or some aspect of your life. Your submission can be a reflection of your life in the past, present, or future, and therefore can be a piece that you have already created or something completely new.

Along with your submission, you must include a thoughtful and insightful response to this prompt: Explain how and why this particular piece of art reflects you or some aspect of your life. Your response should make it clear how the artwork you've submitted "imitates" your life. The connection between you and the artwork can be literal or abstract, and it can be representative of you in the past, present, or future.

In order for your submission to be considered it needs to be posted as a reply to this post. Include your response to the prompt within the post reply. Submissions without a response will NOT be considered for the scholarship.


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My piece reflects who I am because over the past four years, I feel that I have "grown" and "branched out". The piece shows a person who's top half of their head is a tree. The tree is meant to represent the my mind and how it has grown. But the tree also represents my life. The branches branch out in a random manner, and this is how I find my life to be. A lot of things have happened in the past four years of my high school life and I find that they were all random/unexpected. I feel that the piece imitates my life in this sense the most. The tree represents my mind, my life, and the growth/continuation of each. Now, this tree will continue to grow and will grow randomly and that's how I feel about my life and my mind. Life is a spontaneous thing and I continue to grow within it.

I took three photos and digitally put them together to make an image that symbolized my life. The idea of this piece was to show my past, present and future. For the present I took a photo from inside my car, a 1968 VW bug, which symbolized that I am taking control of my life and steering to the future I want. For the past, I put an early photo of my brother and I in the rearview mirror of my car, to give the idea that I am looking back or reflecting on my childhood. Given I would like to live near a beach in the future, I used a picture that I took of a dirt road to the beach and placed it in the view out of the front window of the car. The final product shows me driving to my next destination in life, my future, as I reflect on my childhood in the rearview mirror.  

This photo of The Grand Canyon represents my past, present, and future. Much like our lives, the canyon is constantly changing. It adapts to the changing seasons as we adapt to the seasons of lives such as school, college, adulthood, careers, parenthood, etc. This picture was taken at sunset, which represents my high school career and childhood coming to an end, with the knowledge that the sun will rise and I will begin a new chapter of my life.

This painting illustrates the changing of seasons as the sun rises upon the snowy forest. With the warmth of the sun, the snow will slowly melt, the leaves on the trees will grow, and spring will be in full bloom. Similarly, I will soon experience a "change of seasons" in my life. From these four years of high school, I will transition into college where I hope to not only bloom in the sense of becoming an adult and gaining responsibility as I live away from home, but also bloom in my knowledge and in discovering what the future has in store for me. This constant change of seasons reflected in the painting also serves as a reminder that my future will not always be a never-ending spring; there will be times where I will feel as if I am in the coldest of winters. However, it is a part of life that I should embrace and accept since it will eventually end and spring will be right around the corner.

This particular work of art represents my artistic style because I love creating digital illustrations. I want my work to be simple yet still have an impact on the audience. I started drawing Jessica Rabbit ever since I was a child because my mom loved anything Jessica Rabbit related. This inspired me to make her different drawings throughout my childhood which eventually led to me realizing that art was more than a hobby to me and I would like to pursue anything artistic as a career in the future. Through my mom's love for Jessica Rabbit, I discovered my love for art!

This picture represents the raw aspect of me and my life so of course it is a dragon. This is actually the piece I did for the Self Portrait project so it works. The dragon, the thing everyone knows me for, the aspect that make me me. I wouldn't be Emily without my love for dragons. The DS is to show that I'm not just a dragon loving artist, I'm a gamer. I may not be a big gamer but I am a proud gamer nonetheless. Everything in this picture represents a small bit that makes up me. The clouds(I love the idea of flying and I adore the rain), the moon(I'm a night owl), even the colors (I'm naturally attracted to cold hues with splashes of contrasting colors). And it's these things that consume and make up my life; dragons, art, games, staying up late. I couldn't imagine my life, or me, any other way.

For my submission, I decided to use a video I created a few months ago, which is about life's little moments. I originally created this video to have a fun little look back of my past 4 years in high school, but while creating it, I really started to think about how precious my life is, and how in a matter of minutes it could all be gone. Throughout this video, I captured life's little moments, along with a little monologue telling the people watching to live life to the fullest, to build friendships, to go on crazy adventures with friends, just do things that you will remember in the years to come. My submission best represents me, because all I want to do in life is pursue my passion in filmmaking, making people smile, and having these crazy awesome adventures. I also hope to inspire people to live a fun adventure filled life along the way. 

I was torn between two and decided to choose this piece I did over Thanksgiving break of my dog Ajay. I feel that this photo "imitates" my life because I always feel like there is something blocking me from reaching my goals or enjoying myself. Ajay is stuck inside watching the squirrels in a tree and can not chase them much like how I often find myself watching my friends do things or have fun without me and I just stand in the background or am at my house watching them on Snapchat. I also have faced a lot of challenges with high school and moving. It feels like there is this glass window or wall between me and what I want. I am stuck behind it watching people reach their goals or plan out their life while I have an anxiety attack thinking about moving away from my grandma.  I'd also like to point out that this photo is black and white and I hoped to achieve the gloomy mood which often how I wind up feeling when this happens. Although my photo of Ajay represents my life and how I feel I hope to change that and go chase squirrels.  

As with most things I do, I "winged" this piece during a time of immense emotional turmoil. For some reason, the muse tends to hit me right before some important due date, whether it's for school or for life. I painted this right after we lost our house and moved into the rental. For the first time, I didn't draw a sketch underneath the painting; I totally winged it. Nothing was up on my new room and both I and the walls felt empty.

The tree represents my life: completely spontaneous in its creation yet it still looks like it has structure. The strokes are almost random and I used my favorite color, Payne's grey: an immensely dark grey that looks more blue when thinned out. The paint too represents myself; from a distance it's dark and cold, but up close it's actually something entirely different. The painting also meant that I could create something positive out of a negative mood, which is what I hope to do when greeted with life's adversities.

When painting this, Lang Leav's poem entitled "Poetry" was running through my head. The poem is about how, yes, there is pain and suffering that will come with living life, but it is there to give us art. "...the world has given you poetry and now you must give it back" is one line of it that resonates within me. I love this poem and it is one of my favorites because I personally feel that the best, most passionate and emotional art that is created can only be created out of destruction; it can only be created when a person is at an emotional low but still finds a way to turn the sadness into something beautiful. 

I tried my best in my painting of a girl to convey this idea that, even if things are cloudy and murky in your life, there is still a light in each obstacle if you can only see it, whether it be that it will lead you to be inspired artistically, even if it hurts to express it on paper at the time, or whether it be that it will bring you somewhere better where you were meant to be all along. Although things can feel blue and everything around you seems muddy, there should still always be hope. 


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