Students are to create a letter mark, word mark, or symbol mark to represent them personally.  This logo will be used as a signature on every project that is submitted this semester. 

  1. Logo is to be created in Illustrator in vector format.
  2. There are no limitations on color or size.
  3. Logo is to be exported as a jpg using "File<Save for web".
  4. Finished Logo is to be posted here with an answer to the following:
    1. How does this represent you?

This is a live document meaning you have every right to change your logo as the semester progresses.  Feel free to modify it as you go as this is supposed to represent you in the best way.

Thank you,

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Given the nickname by Mr.Nava and i'm a huge gamer.

I made this because my last name is Waddle and the Penguin is there because penguins waddle.

 this represents me in two ways: one i play softball and two "sah" are my initials.

This logo is me, my love for the color pink and drawing.

This logo represents me because I like technology and the font and tablet represent a technology based theme.


I made this because there are still mysterious things about me that others don't know and it has my initials.  Also I made up my alien :D


This logo represents me, as I've always been intrigued by the hippy graffiti art and peace movement artwork. The letters are simply my initials inside of the peace sign. 

this represents me, because this logo was me trying to recreate one of my previous drawings that i thought was good, and C. N. B are my initials.

This represents many aspects of me. First, my favorite movie series (Harry Potter) and the fact im in to fictional things and adventures... Since i drew all of this by hand it represents my passion for doodling and sketching. the golden snitch of course is gold but i made some of it red because when i think of love the color red pops in my head. pretty much my "love" designing things and creating "my mark on the world" a.k.a stickers... i specifically made the wings red because i love "flying higher" in the activities i enjoy doing. for instance music...there's always room for improvement which i take full advantage of. i also watch tons of tutorials on how to make fancy things on photoshop, or illustrator, or indesign  to improve projects ( pretty much trying to be an overachiever...) the fact that the golden snitch is part of a fictional sport i guess one can say it represents my athletic side... so yeah.. sorry to bore you with nonsense but this is how it represents me!


This represents me because i love music so i made a j into an eighth note.

this logo represents me because it shows my initials through the B for the eyes the l for the mouth and an R for the body. 


We are a California Partnership Academy at Canyon Springs HS in Moreno Valley, CA and our career focus is in the digital arts!



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