Students are to create a letter mark, word mark, or symbol mark to represent them personally.  This logo will be used as a signature on every project that is submitted this semester. 

  1. Logo is to be created in Illustrator in vector format.
  2. There are no limitations on color or size.
  3. Logo is to be exported as a jpg using "File<Save for web".
  4. Finished Logo is to be posted here with an answer to the following:
    1. How does this represent you?

This is a live document meaning you have every right to change your logo as the semester progresses.  Feel free to modify it as you go as this is supposed to represent you in the best way.

Thank you,

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This logo represents me because it acts as a personal signature, which has multiple functions and uses. (I could use it, for example, as a signature at the end of an important document, an actual logo, and a mark for my work.) It's simple yet functional. Also, the signature is my name, and I think it represents me well concerning that. 

I chose this to represent me because this font is both complicated and pretty. I honestly think I'm complicated and people say that I'm really pretty so yeah.


chris loya

This represents me because its the first letter of my name and it's in the shape of an "@" sign because i love using the internet.

It represents my general preferences when drawing or designing, including minimalist tastes,Kandinsky inspired shapes, jpop influences,and of course black.


This logo represents me because it has the "R.P" as the initials to my name. It also represents me because it has my top favorite colors and has that yellow circle that is intended to be the sun. The sun, in my opinion, is a symbol of power because that is what it gives us. The sun is a major source we need to survive. I think of myself as someone that has power.


This logo represents me by showing that it is an image of a bear, and I love bears. The "Mota" is my last name, and the stars are for creativity.~

It represents me because it is my face first, and I used by author's name which is another way that represents me. 

This my take on a WAH pedal.  This represents me in the sense that my last name - WAUGH - is pronounced WAH as in this wah pedal, including my first name on the front of it, henceforth, WILL WAUGH (WILL WAH).

This represents me because I love to play piano.


We are a California Partnership Academy at Canyon Springs HS in Moreno Valley, CA and our career focus is in the digital arts!


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