Personal Project #3 goes here.  Post a response to the following questions in paragraph format.

  1. Please describe your piece with as much detail as possible.
  2. Is there a message? If so, what is it?
  3. What do you feel are the strengths of this piece?
  4. What did you struggle with?
  5. What would you redo if you could?

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This piece is entitled Planets. I rearranged the planets to form the structure of an atom. I also added a space background, because the planets are in, well, space. The quote is derived from something on Welcome to Night Vale, a podcast that often makes me ask existential questions. It serves to remind us that there are different levels of infinity, and even our infinity may be giving away to another. 

The strengths of the piece are probably the background and the planet arrangement. I struggled with the lines connecting the planets, though, and how to make the piece look like you see above. 

I would probably add Earth in, since I apparently forgot I live on that planet and left it out of the piece. 

1. Well its the olympics and just a collage of different events and athletes.

2. I would say the message is American victory and just the olympics being the ultimate occasion of patriotism.

3. I would say the olympic rings.

4. I struggles with the olympic rings.

5. I would redo the layout if the whole piece. 


1) I made this piece because i am ordering stickers soon for my brand so i made this piece specifically for those stickers

2) the messege is just getting the name out because i'll be sticking these around town and they have our website and our social media pages 

3) I feel the strength is the Awkward Logic at the top because i edited the font a little and what not

4) i struggled with getting the drip font so i ended up getting one i didn't like and edited it to where it looked like i wanted it to look

5) if i could redo it i would focus more on the drips on the brain because they aren't the best ever 

I was inspired to make this from the make love not war axe commercial because it helped me look at things differently. I think its a great advertisement too its trying to help the world its not just about the deodorant. After watching the commercial I didn't even care about axe. I started thinking of the people that have done horrible things to other human beings like hitler and I thought what if he became an artist instead of a oppressor. He could have brought love to the world instead of pain.


Well, as i always stated, this is a fan fiction of Blue Exorcist. i adjusted my character (on the right) with the main character of the story. 

Well, there really is no message to it except for, no matter what you do, make sure you know what your doing is what you believe is the right thing to do. if it isn't, well... you might end-up like these two.

what i fell as the strength of the piece is the color. i loved putting the texture of it and blending it together.

my biggest struggle i would have to say was the flames on the sword. i had a real problem with that.

if i could.... well nothing i like it just the way it was.

  1. it is a detail of a human head with tattoos of what i would symbolize.
  2. the only message is what i would possibly have as a tattoo
  3. that i found a sweet canvas instead of a real a picture
  4. finding a good picture to work with
  5. more detail pictures like the one i found. 

1. This is one of my art pieces that came out of a two minute sketch from home. Once i brought the sketch to the ACT classroom, I scanned it and I started working on it. The goal of the project was to add color with the shading.

2. There is no message in this art piece but it does tell someone the things I can do out of a sketch.

3. The strengths in this piece would be the color in general because it was the less time consuming part of the project.

4. In this art piece, I struggled with the shading that took place on the leafs and the pedals of the flower.

5. I would maybe redo the roots of the flower and change them to maybe a light brown.


1. This is a mash-up between Marvel and DC. There is Deadpool attempting to pick up Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. While this is going on, Rocket Raccoon is on Thor's back watching everything. Superman is flying in the background and Batman is being a creep behind the clouds.

2. The message is nobody can lift Thor's hammer, unless you are worthy enough to lift it.

3. The strength is the editing of the front part with deadpool picking up Thor's hammer.

4. i struggled with Rocket Raccoon

5. I would redo Rocket Raccoon.

1.this piece aint nothing fancy but it has a graffiti style with mostly solid colors i didnt wanna do black and white cause i think it changed the feel of the artwork 

2. the message is that A.C.T is our style our crew our team our life we rep ACT when we do anything creative

3.The strength of the piece is that we can do stickers or shirts an add ideas to it

4. adjusting the levels so the image wont look tacky

5.make it look A.C.T with out saying it

1. This is a photoshopped image of schoolboy q flying through space on a huvr board.

2. It shows that anything is possible even flying through space.

3. I like how the rainbow flows with the space.

4. I struggled finding a good quality picture of Schoolboy Q in the huvr board.

5. I would find better pictures and blend the pictures together better

1.) This artwork is just an idea from myself. Every time I draw something
from scratch, I draw it randomly with cluttered accessories.
2.) No message.
3.) My strengths would be the outline in this one, and the coloring that was
done from Photoshop. 
4.) I struggled with the different layers of colors.
5.) I would redo the hair.

The two designs that I made are ideas for t-shirt designs for the Canyon Springs pep squad. The first design is the names of the four teams on our squad all into one crossword. The second design are the symbols that represent those four teams incorporated into the words, "Cougar Pride". There isn't really a message to these projects, they are just for the purpose of creating new t-shirts for the 2013-2014 pep squad. For the first piece, I feel that the strengths are the way I made he words go together and the placement of them in the crossword. In the second piece, I feel that the strength is the slash marks behind the words. Surprisingly, I didn't struggle very much with these pieces. However, it was a little difficult to get the music not on the second project to be proportional to the rest of the word. If I could redo my first piece, I would add more dimension and originality to it because I feel like it is missing something, I'm just not sure what that quite is. If I could redo my second piece, I would change the way the megaphone looks. I feel like it doesn't blend in with the rest of the project as well as I would like it to.


We are a California Partnership Academy at Canyon Springs HS in Moreno Valley, CA and our career focus is in the digital arts!



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