Using as a starting point research creative resumes and find 5 that are interesting to you.

Write a single paragraph as to why each one appeals to you and attach the document here as a .pdf.

Use any application of your choice as long as you can export the file as a .pdf and you can include a sample of the resume and your reason for selecting it as one document.

This is due Thursday, January 18.

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This resume is presented as professional which is the design technique I would like to incorporate in mine. The design that is shown is seen as more for a business resume rather than art, yet still continues with the same attitude. I like the design because of the choice of colors and the swirls that they had drawn to pull the attention from the audience. 


This resume is presented as more colorful and not as formal, yet still provides all the information that is needed in a resume. My favorite part of the resume would be the popsicle and how it presents the accuracy of their work. Also, the designer has incorporated a fun tone to the piece which doesn't appear serious.


This resume is presented as both professional and fun due to the designer putting herself on the side of the resume. She describes her strengths and weaknesses from her character on the side. By using herself she also shows the audience that she's professional.


This resume is also seen as fun and professional due to how the designer incorporates color and his skills in the resume as well. By adding his likes and dislikes he lets the audience have more insight on his life and also his employers as well. My favorite part of the resume would be the colors he used in his resume and how he used them, he used more bright colors slightly on a more darker background.

Hey Ben. For some reason the webpage you gave us doesn't work on the computer where I usually sit. Sorry for not telling you sooner.

This needs to be resubmitted in .pdf format before I will grade it.


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