Students are to create a visual representation of a sound using a metaphor for emphasis.

Please answer the following in your post.

  1. List your sound and the metaphor you were using to express the sound.
  2. How is the Rule of Thirds being used in your final piece?
  3. What struggles did you encounter as you created this piece?
  4. How does using a visual metaphor enhance or take away from the message of this piece.

Submit your initial sketches to the basket with your name on it.

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1) My sound is a heartbeat which is why i put a heart playing a drum.

2) i put the drum to the left instead of being basic and putting it right in the middle

3) Trying to find a way to use the rule of thirds 

4) it doesn't take away from the message. 

1) popcorn popping and sounding like a gun shooting

2) the gun is in the bottom left and the popcorn is towards the right so all the attention isn't in one spot

3) i had no struggles in creating this piece 

4) it enhances the metaphor because it clearly shows popcorn sounding like a gun

1)  My sound is a "Dive Bomb" and my metaphor is Floyd Rose Tremolo on the underside of a Bomber.

2)  The position of the jet and tremolos are in upper-right hand corner, which is one of the hotspots in the "The Rule of Thirds".

3)  I struggle the most in changing the perspective of the Floyd Rose Tremolos to fit the underside of the plane.

4)  Using a visual metaphor enhances this piece by displaying that a guitar tremolo can produce the sound of an aerial bomb being dropped.

1. My sound is hitting a ball so hard it sounds similar to thunder

2. I put the lightning bolt in the bottom left to be my bat and the storm clouds in the top right so i can stay away from the middle

3. i struggled on where i wanted to put the pieces

4. i think it enhances the metaphor because the sound of a bat sounds like thunder when you hit the ball

1. Mine is about how kids are always talking so loud and annoying, thats why he has a megaphone. 

2. both images are not in the center but on the sides.

3. The finding of the right pictures for my metaphor.

4. It enhances it by showing it without the need of words. 


1. My sound is a jar shattering on the floor resembling a tower falling.
2. the jar and tower are both in the bottom right corner
3. there were no complications in making this.
4. It basically sets an image in your mind just by seeing an image


1. My sound is a fire truck siren 

2. The baby is the siren because babies crying sounds like a fire truck siren to me

3. Moved the truck around to switch up to make the head some what fit 

4.Babies cries were made so you could not ignore them

my sound is a police siren to express the sound of a child crying.

the car is in a very popular part of the photo? I guess. 

I didn't know what the rule of thirds was and i'm pretty sure I still don't.

the child's head is on the siren and she's crying.

1. I chose the beating of a drum and chose to represent it by using a beating heart to represent it. since the drum is like the heartbeat of music. 

2. Well, the heart and the drum are within the rule of thirds sector. 

3. I struggled with finding out what to do for the metaphor. 

4. I think using a visual metaphor enhances the the message as it applies the concepts that I wanted to exemplify. 

This project is comparing the sound of a drumline to a storm of thunder and lightning.

The rule of thirds is used at the very bottom of the photo.

When i first started this picture the storm was put in first and the problem was that there was a man riding a horse at the top of the hill and erasing him and painting over him was a problem but eventually, i found the right color to paint over them.

The message of this piece is that there are good drumlines and some of them sound as amazing as a storm.

1.) My sound is "Bang Bang" to express the sound Chief Keef's water gun makes.

2.) The rule of thirds is applied, because I located the image in the lower left side, and not right in the middle.

3.) I struggled to find a good Chief Keef picture to represent the sound "Bang Bang"

4.) Using visual metaphor enhances it, because it gives you a whole new perspective of the sound "Bang Bang" 

1. She sang like a chalk scratching a blackboard 

2. Cutting through the girl singing to the blackboard

3. Had trouble finding pictures to go with this project

4. It shows what you are expected to see



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