Students are to create a visual representation of a sound using a metaphor for emphasis.

Please answer the following in your post.

  1. List your sound and the metaphor you were using to express the sound.
  2. How is the Rule of Thirds being used in your final piece?
  3. What struggles did you encounter as you created this piece?
  4. How does using a visual metaphor enhance or take away from the message of this piece.

Submit your initial sketches to the basket with your name on it.

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well, ben told me to do the annoying sound of taylor swift.... i compared it to nails on chalkboards. the rule of thirds in this image is used with the crying boy in the bottom right corner...i tried to make him seem as though he was heading toward the exit... i put the tv to the far left to ad some dimension to the image. same with the chairs. i tried not to put the chairs in the middle but they didn't fit so i had to improvise. finally, i put the chalk board to the top if the image to sow that there is some distance between the chair and the wall. Visual metaphor enhances the message of the piece because it helps someone convey the metaphor with out can also make some people laugh so yeah..


The sound is supposed to be bells compared to fan girls screaming

I put the bells at the side and avoided using the direct center

It was hard to find the right shapes to use since I didn't want to copy and paste anything

I think the metaphor somewhat delivers the message since it can either satisfy you (chimes) or annoy you (cowbells)


I'm using the metaphor that this person's singing sounds like fingers on a chalkboard.  Well the rule of thirds is incorporated in the sense two subjects are in the left and right thirds of the image and one is centered, but that is to create a balance between the two. I encountered creativity issues when making this project. I think the metaphor enhances the sketches that i drew. 

1. The sound is thunder and there is a thunder shaker that specifies making the sound of thunder.

2. The rule of Thirds is being used because the main object of the picture, the thunder shaker, is more on one side than n the center.

3. The struggles i encountered was really how to put the whole piece together and how to come up with the idea.

4. The visual metaphor states that lightning and the thunder shaker come together as one.


1. clapping sounds similar to thunder

2. I incorporated the rule of thirds by setting the main focus of the picture to the middle of the left side.

3. The main struggle was trying to get the lighting by itself, with out the picture that it was originally from.

4. The visual metaphor enhances the message of this piece because it shows that clapping sounds like thunder. 


1. The snakes represent the hissing sound bacon makes on a pan

2.I applied the rule of thirds by placing the subject in the lower left hand corner 

3.No struggles tbh 

4. It enhances the message by giving you a better image about how bacon sounds in a pan



Okay, Well guns are loud. Thun. Lightning is loud. Thun. There you go.

Also I did this first. I just didn't post it. I didn't stubble because I'm amazing. The message is that loud things are loud.



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