Personal Project - students create and execute their own projects...

  1. Define your project by filling out the following form:
  2. Brainstorm by creating a Word List (25 words minimum) 
    1. Write down words or phrases that come to mind when you think about the project you are designing.
    2. Don't overthink the process; you should be surprised at the words you write down. The goal is to find hidden associations that you normally wouldn't think of.
  3. Create a Doodle for every word or phrase in your Word List 
    1. This helps translate your word list into a visual language that you can work or draw inspiration from.
  4. Select several of the ideas/concepts from your Word List/Doodles and create 5 sketches based on those.
  5. Build the project based on your sketches.
  6. Submit the Word List, Doodles, Sketches and Final Product as a Behance Project. Copy the Image Address of the Final Product and post that in response to this discussion.

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Illustration: Practice with Colors


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