Students were to create their own personal project.

Students - please post your project and answer the following questions in a complete paragraph format. Grammar and spelling do count!

What did you try to communicate with your project?
Do you feel you were successful?
What was the most difficult part of the project?
What did you learn from your project?
If you were to redo this project, what, specifically, would you change?

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I've still been trying to create a series of sprites that could be used in a 2D game. I think I have been getting better at creating the different movements. Drawing while zoomed in 1200x is still difficult but now I'm a little more used to it. I learned some effective ways to show detail in such small drawings. I would probably change the way the characters hold the weapons but I cant think of a more natural way when they're so small.

Good.  The detail on the characters is getting a lot better.  Keep at it.  I am interested in seeing this finished.

   I was trying to communicate a mystifying feelings. I felt that I was somewhat successful. Blending the two colors of water was the most difficult. I didn't really learn much. It was more of a review. I would make the wave bigger.

What is interesting about this whole thing is that there are people relaxing in the shallows as the monster wave is about to crush them.  The color blends are good, although  the spit on the top of the wave looks a little fake.  It is oddly surreal considering that no one seems to notice that the wave is going to crash on their heads, but not quite Dali surreal.

I have always loved listening to Sublime and one day when I looked at my ipod and saw the sun that's the cover of 40 oz. of Freedom album, i decided i would like to redo it. I am happy with how it turned out. The most difficult part of this project was the maaaaaaany many colors and layers that I dealt with to get the right affect. I learned that when you have alot of layer with one project you HAVE TO BE organized. If I were to redo this project, that's what I would work on. (Don't pay attention to all the white! when i printed it out, i cut it all off and it looked ALOT better (: )

Very nice representation of the Sublime sun.  I like the gestural lines and the color blends.  Very well done.

I tried to make a cool looking poster thing for call of duty black ops on the xbox 360. I think i was successful in making the xbox logo look really cool in the explosion. The most difficult part was actually getting the idea to do this, since my last project was apparently the best, I didn't think I could match up to that. I learned alot about blending changes during this project. If i would redo this project, i would make the knife look better.

You did a good job of blending the logo in.  It could have used a little more of a glow in the x in order to stand out more as a logo. I see that there are different images in the smoke, but I can't tell what they are or why they are there.

I made this project a few months ago, but never turned it in for anything. So I decided to turn it in for my Personal Project. With this project, I was just trying to communicate who I am as a person and my interests (as far as music, television and movies). I felt I was very successful with the point I was trying to get across. The most difficult part of this project was trying to find a way to make it colorful and not plain. I didn't really learn anything from this project. If I was to re-do this, I would arrange the words in a more complex way instead of just making columns.

I like the splatters, although, I think they could have had more impact if they were more random.  They look like a set pattern.  It is an interesting description of you and your interests.  I think you should have played with the text a little more.

so ya...

i decided to finish my 2nd project of the year this week

i kinda got the idea from a slappy david made 2 years ago

so i wanted to redo it the way i interpreted it


eventually I want to make it into i shirt,

thats why i put that texture in the background

and i guess thats it


oh and i made that wall from bits and pieces of walls i found on google

and i took that picture of the moon with my phone.


...everyday we tumbln'

Walked on campus to see that my room got tagged… @cshsabc...

Walked on campus to see that my room got tagged… @cshsabc the culprit. What is this world coming to?

“Yo! It’s about that time, To bring forth the rhythm...

“Yo! It’s about that time,
To bring forth the rhythm and the…” line… shape and other elements of design.
Vans custom culture contest is here! Interested current ACT students come see me. Confused? Google it or ask me on Thursday.
#vanscustomculture #vanscustomculture2017

Emerald Newsome was recognized again this week at the District...

Emerald Newsome was recognized again this week at the District Office for creating these amazing pieces for our Board Members Dr. Fleming and Mr. Kelleher. Fun fact #20161118 Mr.Kelleher was Canyon’s Principal when @bigbillb and I first started back in 1999-2000!

Alex Liclican's blog...

Aileen Luib's Blog

Orpheus and Eurydice

Models: Cody W. & Patricia L. 
And so my fascination with stories from Greek mythology continues.

Orpheus, a charming mortal gifted with the talent of music, fell in love with a dryad by the name Eurydice. The two shared a magnetizing bond, in which they soon become married. 

After the wedding, Apollo's son Aristaeus, lusts over Eurydice and chases her through the forest. Attempting to evade his sexual advances, Eurydice runs, but stumbles and is fatally bitten by a poisonous snake.

Upon discovering his newfound bride's death, Orpheus mourns for months on end, and everyone can hear his melancholic music in the air. Eventually fed up with his grievances, he decides to travel down to the Underworld and persuade Hades to let Eurydice go.

As he embarks on his treacherous journey, he uses his gift of music to overcome any dangerous obstacles he faces. Cerebrus, the three-headed guardian dog of the Underworld, lets him pass. The angry Furies weep for him. The souls of the dead move aside as Orpheus makes his way to Hades and Persephone, the king and queen of the Underworld.

Orpheus attempts to persuade them both with a grand speech to let his bride go. Hades, the cold-hearted king, initially refuses, but as Orpheus reminds him of his love for Persephone, his heart melts over and grants him his wish, but under one condition--as they travel back to the Upper World, Eurydice must stay behind Orpheus, and he must never look back at her until they exit. If the rule is broken, Eurydice will be cast away into the Underworld permanently.

They begin their trek back to the Upper World together; however, Orpheus eventually forgets about this crucial rule and looks back at Eurydice. Their eyes lock in panic as they realize what has been done. Orpheus reaches out for Eurydice, but grabs nothing but air as she is sucked back into the Underworld, barely able to muster out a farewell.

Stunned and shocked, Orpheus begins to lament his mistake. For the rest of his life, he plays sorrowful music for the second loss of his wife, rejecting any romantic advances by all women. Upon his group of rejected lovers are the Maenads, the women who worship Bacchus (the god of wine). Furious at his rejection, they rip his body apart scatter the pieces across the land. They toss his head into the River Styx, where it is said that onlookers could hear his voice calling out for Eurydice as it floats down the river.

Eventually his head reaches the island of Lesbos, where the three Muses discover it. They decide to find the rest of his limbs and give Orpheus a proper burial.

There are some twists to the story where it is said that Orpheus and Eurydice finally reunite in the Elysian Fields, the nicest part of the Underworld. I would much rather conclude this story with a semi-happy ending, instead of the depressing one, haha.

Story aside, this image was a bit of a challenge to finally shoot--I'd longed to shoot this idea for a number of years but never got around to doing so for what ever reason. Initially I wanted to share this on Valentine's Day as a tribute to the holiday, but casting models was a bit of a challenge for me--I had a few flakes, so the shoot was delayed to March. 

Then it rained, so we had to push it back so that said models wouldn't freeze to death in the stream water.

I had a tough time with post-production and actually got so frustrated that I had to step away from it for a few weeks and approach it with a fresh perspective. It was taxing to conjure up an ethereal feel to this image--despite the fact that the scenery itself was gorgeous, I found the natural lighting to be less dynamic that I had hoped, so the challenge in editing was more of creating that magical atmosphere with color and contrast.

Symbolism: Most of the pre-production planning was scouting for locations... I had to think about a nice area of greenery that had a beautiful natural light as well as a stream to represent the River Styx. Not only was the location crucial, but timing the shoot on the right day for optimal conditions was key so my models wouldn't suffer in the cold water. Despite the fact that we shot on a warm day, the water was still FREEZING, so I could only imagine what would have happened if we shot on the first scheduled day, which was the day right after it rained. :/

Finding a lyre (which was actually his instrument of choice) was ambitious, as they run for a few hundred to thousands of dollars. I decided to go with a subtle prop and chose a bronze whistle necklace instead.

If you look closely, there is a snake bite on Eurydice's ankle also, done by yours truly. ;)

I felt the story needed to be told with straightforward symbolism instead of slapping a story onto it in order for people to understand. Of course, this is my own unique take to the story with a bit of tweaks here and there, but most who are familiar with the tragic tale of Orpheus and Eurydice should understand the connection. :)

We are a California Partnership Academy at Canyon Springs HS in Moreno Valley, CA and our career focus is in the digital arts!




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