Students were to create their own personal project.

Students - please post your project and answer the following questions in a complete paragraph format. Grammar and spelling do count!

What did you try to communicate with your project?
Do you feel you were successful?
What was the most difficult part of the project?
What did you learn from your project?
If you were to redo this project, what, specifically, would you change?

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I've still been trying to create a series of sprites that could be used in a 2D game. I think I have been getting better at creating the different movements. Drawing while zoomed in 1200x is still difficult but now I'm a little more used to it. I learned some effective ways to show detail in such small drawings. I would probably change the way the characters hold the weapons but I cant think of a more natural way when they're so small.

Good.  The detail on the characters is getting a lot better.  Keep at it.  I am interested in seeing this finished.

   I was trying to communicate a mystifying feelings. I felt that I was somewhat successful. Blending the two colors of water was the most difficult. I didn't really learn much. It was more of a review. I would make the wave bigger.

What is interesting about this whole thing is that there are people relaxing in the shallows as the monster wave is about to crush them.  The color blends are good, although  the spit on the top of the wave looks a little fake.  It is oddly surreal considering that no one seems to notice that the wave is going to crash on their heads, but not quite Dali surreal.

I have always loved listening to Sublime and one day when I looked at my ipod and saw the sun that's the cover of 40 oz. of Freedom album, i decided i would like to redo it. I am happy with how it turned out. The most difficult part of this project was the maaaaaaany many colors and layers that I dealt with to get the right affect. I learned that when you have alot of layer with one project you HAVE TO BE organized. If I were to redo this project, that's what I would work on. (Don't pay attention to all the white! when i printed it out, i cut it all off and it looked ALOT better (: )

Very nice representation of the Sublime sun.  I like the gestural lines and the color blends.  Very well done.

I tried to make a cool looking poster thing for call of duty black ops on the xbox 360. I think i was successful in making the xbox logo look really cool in the explosion. The most difficult part was actually getting the idea to do this, since my last project was apparently the best, I didn't think I could match up to that. I learned alot about blending changes during this project. If i would redo this project, i would make the knife look better.

You did a good job of blending the logo in.  It could have used a little more of a glow in the x in order to stand out more as a logo. I see that there are different images in the smoke, but I can't tell what they are or why they are there.

I made this project a few months ago, but never turned it in for anything. So I decided to turn it in for my Personal Project. With this project, I was just trying to communicate who I am as a person and my interests (as far as music, television and movies). I felt I was very successful with the point I was trying to get across. The most difficult part of this project was trying to find a way to make it colorful and not plain. I didn't really learn anything from this project. If I was to re-do this, I would arrange the words in a more complex way instead of just making columns.

I like the splatters, although, I think they could have had more impact if they were more random.  They look like a set pattern.  It is an interesting description of you and your interests.  I think you should have played with the text a little more.

so ya...

i decided to finish my 2nd project of the year this week

i kinda got the idea from a slappy david made 2 years ago

so i wanted to redo it the way i interpreted it


eventually I want to make it into i shirt,

thats why i put that texture in the background

and i guess thats it


oh and i made that wall from bits and pieces of walls i found on google

and i took that picture of the moon with my phone.


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"Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like a tamale in the...

"Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like a tamale in the morning!" - Nick O’Shay-uh.

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Pyrhha & The Flood

Model/Make-up/Hair: Camille Cox
Styling/Concept/Photo by me
During the Bronze Age, humans caused so much mayhem that Zeus bitterly decided to end humankind, sending the Great Flood to wash away the mortals. Prometheus, who was in jail, told his kind-hearted son Deucalion of his foresight of the end of the times, and warned him to build an ark to live through the deluge. Morally righteous Deucalion and his wife, Pyrhha, were the only survivors.

During the flood, the couple's ark landed on Mount Parnassus, the only place unharmed. Although grateful for their lives, they immediately grew sad and lonely, being the last two mortals. Deucalion consulted the oracle Themis and asked for guidance on how to repopulate the Earth.

"The Great Goddess heard their prayer and replied to them: 'Leave my temple, both of you. Let your clothing hang loosely, ungathered and unbelted. Hide your faces with your clothing, and as you bend down to the earth, throw the bones of your mighty mother over your shoulders and behind your backs.'" (-"Mythology & You," Donna Rosenburg)

Heeding the oracle's advice, they did as they were told. From what they tossed over their shoulders sprang up statues of women and men, which over time, turned into real flesh and blood, all eager to serve Deucalion and Pyrhha. The man and woman became king and queen of what we now refer to as "people" (laos in Greek) because they were created from stones (laas).

According to the actual story in Greek mythology, Themis' advice was a cryptic message. Deucalion and Pyrhha agreed that throwing the bones of their mothers seemed sacrilegious and disrespectful to the dead, so they thought to interpret their "mother" as Earth, and decided to use stones from the ground in place of bones.

For this photo, there is a lot of symbolism. Instead of using rocks I thought to use a skull instead (let's admit, rocks and stones wouldn't be as cool-looking, lol). Aside from the cool factor, the skull symbolizes the death of humans, and Pyrhha gently holding it in a somber fashion reveals her sadness and sorrow for being the last female mortal.

Having Camille in the water was also a representation of the flood. I draped her loosely in fabric, true to the myth. I did have a few shots with her hood on, but thought it looked less "witchy" and more whimsy without it on. Consider that minute factor plus the skull in place of stones my own twist to the story.

There you have it folks, death and rebirth, Greek mythology style.

Dreamscapes VIII: The Miracle

We are a California Partnership Academy at Canyon Springs HS in Moreno Valley, CA and our career focus is in the digital arts!



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