Please upload your personal project here. The write up you were supposed to do prior to the project should be added to this reply.  Please submit all sketches to the box on my desk OR if they are in your sketchbook show them to me on the Monday we return.

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“The Call of the Wild” was inspired by my dog, Buster.  His love for life and contentment made him the perfect candidate for this.  The scenario of this project is a domestic animal being taken back to his roots as a wild creature.

Materials used for this were a Canon PowerShot SX500 camera and, of course, the adorable dog featured in the photographs.  There are five photos in this Personal Project.  The sizes are 4608*2592.  

The mood for the project is clearly a wild, free, and happy feel.  The pictures were taken on a hiking trail, around plants, rocks, and dirt trails.  The model was able to move about as he pleased, as long as he stayed in close proximity to the photographer.  This allowed the wild theme to be as strong as possible.  The photos are candid.  Greens, browns, grays, and black are the main colors of the pictures.  There are also hues of blue, white, lavender, red, and yellow as well.     

Clients for this project could be dog food manufacturers or animals groomers.  The pictures show a dog free to be strong and wild, and this could benefit both companies.  

For my personal project, I am using three pictures I took when I went to Arizona. The first was taken in a wildlife park. The other two were taken in the Grand Canyon. I took them with my Canon EOS 30D.  

This is a photo of grass after it had rained.  I took this photo with my phone.  I have a macro lens that attaches to the camera on my phone, which allows me to take close up photos like this one.  I slightly edited the image to give it a darker color scheme, which helped to blur out the background and make the water droplet and stems of grass the focal point of the image.  

My project is a polygonal vector mosaic of Marilyn Monroe. The size is 8.5in x 11in and I made it in Photoshop with the lasso tool to create her entirely out of triangles. I decided to keep the colors quite natural because I wanted it to have an overall soft, clean look.

 What I’m did for my personal project is a spiritual mask worn by one of my characters named Hadrian. The median is pencil and markers. The white paper size is 8 by 11 while the mask itself is about 5 by 6. The color used are black for the outline, dark blue for the accents, and red for the nose and pupils. This is for an alternate universe story involving Hadrian.

For my personal project I wanted to do fan art of the new League of Legends champion, Aurelion Sol. I chose to draw his Ashen Lord skin because it's really cool and I wanted to break away from the cold colors I normally use. I also did shading for the first time in forever! I mainly just used this as an excuse to draw the space lizard.

My friend requested that I paint something relating to Superman and Batman. I decided to paint the Batman v Superman logo from the new movie. I painted it on a 8x10 canvas using acrylic paints. Initially, I had painted the background only blue, but I decided to add the black to add dimension.

My cousin in Atlanta asked me to paint her something when I visited, and so I decided to try and recreate the style of one of my older paintings. I used watercolor on 6x9 cold pressed watercolor paper. I wanted the mood to be of sophistication and elegance, yet somewhat somber (since that's usually how my creativity manifests itself). The color scheme was originally going to be purely cool colors but I later decided on also incorporating warm tones. 

My project is a photo inspired by a pin I found on pinterest. I wanted to recreate the photo with a flower from my garden. I wanted to try forced prospective and make the rose seem large enough to be a skirt. I took the photo on my Canon Rebel T5i and did not edit the image. Personally this is one of my favorite pieces that I've done and I think it came out nicely. 

I have been obsessed with artist Melanie Martinez lately so I decided to try and paint her with symbols that pertain to her. I painted her on my watercolor paper with acrylic paints, rather than watercolor, to challenge myself since I typically use watercolor more. While I usually like a very unsaturated color scheme, Melanie Martinez's style is very bubbly and bright so I chose to try and mix my style with hers, although it's probably still very unsaturated for her taste. I painted her referencing her song "Carousel", which is why her bow has a horse on a carousel inside a snow globe, as well as cotton candy since she sings about it at one point. 

I wanted a different perspective on the iconic castle.


We are a California Partnership Academy at Canyon Springs HS in Moreno Valley, CA and our career focus is in the digital arts!


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