Students were to create word marks, letter marks, symbol marks, and combination marks for a fictitious company.

  1. Combine all four marks on one 8.5 x 11 inch document.
  2. Use Save For Web to create a jpg of the finished product.
    1. Make sure the quality is set to maximum.
    2. Make sure the longest side is set to 800 pixels.
  3. Upload the finished jpg to your ning profile.
  4. Upload a second copy to this post.
  5. Answer the following questions on this post.
    1. What is your company name?
    2. What does your company do?
    3. What did you struggle with?
    4. What were you happy with?
    5. What changes could be made if necessary?

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My company makes clothes for skaters.

I struggled with the name

I was happy with the logo

The original font can be changed 

My company name is The Underground, and we specialize in selling merchandise and music of lesser known rock, punk, and heavy metal bands. I struggle with coming up with the initial design of the company, and once I figured that out it was easy. I was happy with the wordmark logo, I think it came out well and balanced. I would've balanced the combo mark better, moving the The down, but unfortunately I had already flattened the layer

1) Got Dance Center

2) Dance center for kids between 5 and 18 to have a non expensive place to dance hip hop.

3) Making the person dancing/ letter "D".

4) How the letter "D" came out.

5) The letters are the same letters as the "got milk?" logo.

1) Awkward Logic

2) we are a clothing company. We make shirts, 5 panels, skateboards, etc.

3) I struggled with the lettermark because i wasn't making it work with all of the other logo types.

4) I was really happy with how my combination mark came out.

5) If necessary i could change basically anything that's needed.

1.My company's name is Virtual World

2.We basically give hints and tips in the gaming world and also have gaming lounges.

3.i struggled with the symbol mark.

4.i was happy with the word mark.

5.the letter mark could be changed 


1.) Company name is called Fetch

2.)This company sells clothes like ; shirts, socks, pants, hats, and other items

3.)I struggled with the logo and was lost on what to put

4.)I was happy with the name i came up with

5.)The thing i would change would be the logo


1) My company name is ICU, the International Consultants United.

2) It provides quality consulting services when the police are too out of their depth-which is always.

3) I struggled with making the infamous Sherlock silhouette for the symbol mark. The leaves were also pretty hard to shape and style correctly.

4) I was happy with how all of the logos turned out in the end, especially the combination mark, as they look much better than I first imagined.

5) If necessary, I could always change anything that is needed. 

1. Pear

2. We specialize in making electronic devices such as Phones, Desktops, Laptops, and MP3 Devices.

3. I mostly struggled with the word-mark for the company.

4. I was happy with how the symbol-mark came out in the end.

5. I think i could have done a better job with the word-mark and the letter-mark.

1,2) My company name is Bubblie and it makes bubbles.

3) I struggled with finding something that people weren't already doing.

4)I'm actually happy with my letter mark because I worked hard on it believe it or not.

5) The main change would be to make my logos less lame... 

1. MadHat 

2. It is a Hat company that sells Hats from all kinds of styles and parts of the world

3. I struggled with the pictorial logo

4. the symbol logo

5. I could do a little better on the whole pictorial logo. 


1. My company's name is called Jacob's Baseball Academy

2. We let youth baseball and softball players have the chance to afford a camp to improve their skills.

3. I struggled mainly with the combination logo because I couldn't figure out what to choose

4. I was happy with my lettermark

5. I would change anything that needs to be changed.

Company Name: Joshua Silva

My company sells sports equipment and clothing.

Ben lost my sketches so I struggled making the final logos.

I was happy with some of my ideas like the wordmark.

I would change some of my sketches and make them more complex.


We are a California Partnership Academy at Canyon Springs HS in Moreno Valley, CA and our career focus is in the digital arts!



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