Students were to create word marks, letter marks, symbol marks, and combination marks for a fictitious company.

  1. Combine all four marks on one 8.5 x 11 inch document.
  2. Use Save For Web to create a jpg of the finished product.
    1. Make sure the quality is set to maximum.
    2. Make sure the longest side is set to 800 pixels.
  3. Upload the finished jpg to your ning profile.
  4. Upload a second copy to this post.
  5. Answer the following questions on this post.
    1. What is your company name?
    2. What does your company do?
    3. What did you struggle with?
    4. What were you happy with?
    5. What changes could be made if necessary?

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1.) Company name is 'Tempus Dies'

2.)The company is clothing line and is generally targeted at college age audiences.

3.) I struggled with making the drip effect on illustrator.

4.)I was satisfied with the wordmark's font.

5.) The lettermark could be cleaned up and replaced with the wordmark's cleaner font.



My company is a clothing brand and retailer named Moonlight Motel. Moonlight Motel is its own brand but also sells other brands of similar style. This style would be a combination of all things pushing bad fashion, taking influence from 90's fashion, Japanese street fashion, schoolboy style, and some athletic wear. I struggled with concepts mostly, but other than ideas I was frustrated with trying to get shapely moons and getting my logos to look like they work together. I was happy with my finished combination mark, though. If I were to make changes I would work on the cohesion of the logos.

1. Rey's Customs

2. My company receives cars from customers and customize them to their liking.

3. I struggled with the word mark trying to retrace the words.

4. I was happy with the way the word mark came out.

5. I would make changes to the lettermark.



2) produce or sell anything and everything involving exercise 

3)finding the right way to make it good 

4)finishing it

5)finish the first time


a clothing line for mostly guys who skate or BMX this was not very hard to make:)

My company name is Pacific Dynamic,and my company sells shoes.I struggled with fixing my picture of my shoe.I am happy with my company initials. I feel like I could have changed the picture of the shoes in my logo.




We are a California Partnership Academy at Canyon Springs HS in Moreno Valley, CA and our career focus is in the digital arts!


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