This is the first personal project of the second semester.  Simply post it with a description of what you were trying to do.

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i was attempting to make this brain look like street art in this alley. Unfortunately i had to stamp out a window out of the alley so the bricks look a little messed up under the brain. 

Well as basic as it sounds i re-traced certain images of nintendo characters and gave more color options and redrew them back with a reversed image of its original design. 


I created a collage of images of my guitars, but the background for each image is different, which is backing up my statement in the proposal - guitars will always look their best wherever they go.

My Personal Project is a logo for my mom's friend. She has her cleaning business so i decided to make her a logo. K.

This was about making me a video game. So i made my name in Japanese and made it a video game.

I made a logo for a pub then it turns into a night club.  I drew it and it turned out like that.


i created my own versions of album covers for my four favorite artists at the moment, then added them all to the same page.


What i was trying to show is this gas masked soldier that represents this erie image of war with these lyrics that pretty much mean to me that we are no different from those our troops fight against because to them we are the foreigners or in this case the aliens as they are in our own eyes.   


i took the hiiipower logo and added a tie dye background 

I wanted to show how much humans are created from nature and how we are nature. It is a headband, but it can also be portrayed as in the mind.

I tried to exemplify how man is a monster as seen by the person appearing as a demon-like being. The text also helps display the idea. 


We are a California Partnership Academy at Canyon Springs HS in Moreno Valley, CA and our career focus is in the digital arts!



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