Personal Project #2 goes here.  Post a response to the following questions in paragraph format.

  1. Please describe your piece with as much detail as possible.
  2. Is there a message? If so, what is it?
  3. What do you feel are the strengths of this piece?
  4. What did you struggle with?
  5. What would you redo if you could?

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1) My piece is now the official logo for the Guitar Club.  This logo feature school-colored angel wings, an AC/DC related font with a silver gradient made to look like metal.

2) The message behind this logo is that the Guitar Club is all about learning and performing Rock of any kind, but we aren't afraid to hit the soft and mellow tempos found in the Rock genre.

3) I feel the strength of this piece is the way the lettering has a combination of real and unreal metal with the gradient and bold lines.

4) The one thing I struggled with the MOST was getting the lettering to look the way it looks now, especially with the gradient and grain effect.

5) If I could redo anything about this piece, it would be to turn the angel wings into the structure of bat wings, but they would be clipped to the lettering.

I honestly can't wait till next year so I can remake the Guitar Club passes, but featuring the official club logo!!

1. I put the rap group TDE, including the rappers Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, and Ab-Soul, in a background of a run down Detroit parking garage. I added my logo to the top right corner and added the TDE logo in the middle of the top. 

2. This picture shows how they group up in the dumps (like Detroit) but still rises and became famous which is kinda what i want to eventually do coming out of Moval.

3. The strength of this picture is how the black and white adds to rough attitude yet shows they are still happy.

4. I struggled with finding a background picture that would fit the picture of the group of people.

5. I would find better pictures and add more to make the two pictures blend together better. 

i call this one 2 Face Peewee its a solid black n white image

The face shows two different characters the Good and bad like how i see my self

I feel like people will start noticing my style in design with the Peewee herman face

I struggled with adding points to the coat in the image

I would redo the coat with more detail

This is my First Blue Excorcist Fan Fic project for personal project

What my first project is a fan fiction of Blue Excorcist with my character Myro. Myro is sorta a mixture. No one really knows what he really is. but my character is the one with White hair and red eyes while Rin Okumura (as a child) is being chased by his adopted father. There really is no message to this ppiece. i did have fun making this piece for for are my 2 favorite character's. My biggest struggle might have been the hair, out of all of them their hair was the hardest. i would probably redo the hand of Rin for i had a hard time with that as well.

1. I made my mom's friend some business cards.

2. Theres is no message.

3. I feel that the strength is the logo and the background.

4. I struggled finding a good background.

5. I would redo nothing, I really liked how they came out.

I took this picture when i was passing by some houses,its a painting of a tree on a house.In front of the painting is a tree,and i tried to put a water effect on it in photoshop.There really is no message, I feel like the tree is the strength to the photo.I struggled with the lighting because when I took this picture the sun was almost down.Even though the lighting was not great,I feel that the picture still came out good so, I don't think I would redo anything.

1. Welp, there's not much to it, its a continuation of the first personal project but with a new array of characters.

2. To be completely honest, there is not really a message except drawing could make things awesome.

3. The strength of this piece is how long it took to actually trace and redraw the drawings.

4. I struggled most with mario, unfortunately I am color blind, and due to me using a special type of crayons that don't even have the name of the color on it, you may notice that Mario's mustache looks red, yeah red......FAIL!!

5. Obviously the Mario.


1. Its a picture of two different events in American history such as the 9/11 in the second picture on the right.

2. The message is clear with the short poem that America keeps enduring despite everything that has happened we continue to push on and fight.

3. I would say the last sentence in the short poem where with every fall we rise even stronger than before and the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.

4. I struggled with the whole approach i was decided to go with, do i want it all over the place or even use the original picture.

5. I would probably redo the short poem by a few words and maybe even use a different picture. 


Personal project 2


This is a evolved piece off of a rainbow design i have previously made. It is stretching over the bridge and disappearing in to the water

No, there is not a message intended in this peice

I feel the strengths of this piece are where the rainbow leaves in to the water

I struggled with adding clouds to the sky

if i could redo it i would make it look more real


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