Personal Project #2 goes here.  Post a response to the following questions in paragraph format.

  1. Please describe your piece with as much detail as possible.
  2. Is there a message? If so, what is it?
  3. What do you feel are the strengths of this piece?
  4. What did you struggle with?
  5. What would you redo if you could?

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this is my drawing of rango. it is just a pen drawing that i did in this class one day.

do you see rango's look of confusion...thats how i look everyday during school. so basically im expressing my confusion through this drawing

the strengths of this piece... my drawing of course

i have a hard time redrawing things on the computer, sooo sorry about that.

i would have drawn this in photoshop..if i could.

and for some reason my picture turned black when i posted this..sorry.

1) Building a 3d model of a head.

3) The strengths of this piece are how the shape closely matches a regular head.

4) I struggled with getting the head look smooth and not deformed.

5) I would redo the single line that splits the head in half.


It was really really really really hard. It is supposed to my Brenda looking into a pool of water and see her reflection. The message it that not all seems what it is and the destruction of a city. The shading was pretty good. But coloring was the hardest. I would redo mostly the coloring.

I drew two hands reaching for each other while mainly focusing on the details of the fingers. The message of this drawing is that at some point in your life, everybody needs another hand to help bring them up, physically and emotionally. The strengths of my drawing would be the creases And sharp edges that create the fingers. What I struggle the most was the finger nails and trying to make them look as real as possible.if I could redo any part of it would be the fingernails
  1. tis is my project on what im going to wear in off season wrestling
  2. it represents my culture and my spirit for what i fight for
  3. the strengths are it all fits perfectly together 
  4. finishing earlier
  5. the background to go with mexico but this is my team i represent all the way

This personal project is what I imagine the meaning of the song Latch by Sam Smith is. In the song, the lyrics say, "Now i've got you in my space, I won't let go of you...I'm latching on to you." In my opinion, this song represents really becoming one with another person and connecting on another level, a feeling that marriage can bring. In this piece, I think i showed my creative strength by making an "L" made out of shackles. In the song he says, "Got you shackled in my embrace,"  and that sentence stood out in my mind and I thought I should portray it in another way. Although I like the way the shackled "L" came out, I also struggled with it the most. I had to crop a lot of things out, and make sure each shackle was the same size and they were all lined up evenly. If i could redo this project, I would do the entire word, "Latch" in the shackles, not just the "L".


1. My piece is a world with the peace sign faded onto it and it has the words " World Peace".

2. The message is put into the actual design itself. The message is World Peace.

3. The strengths in this piece i believe, are the peace sign and the words.

4. I struggled with picking a good picture of the world to put it behind the peace sign. I also struggled on deciding how I was going to put the pieces all together.

5.I would redo the coloring of the Earth because it doesn't look as great as i intended it to be.


Barbies Pink Paradise is a clothing company mostly for guys.


my piece is a girl with a gas mask that i grab from google.

I don't think theirs a message in this picture.

The strengths are the black and white.

I struggle on making it look like a stencil.

I would redo the stencil looking again. 


my piece is a girl with a gas mask that i grab from google.

I don't think theirs a message in this picture.

The strengths are the black and white.

I struggle on making it look like a stencil.

I would redo the stencil looking again. 

1) I just put together four characters from thing I like.

2) No

3) The two images on the left are the strengths of the piece. 

4) Trying to align the faces good enough to look even.

5) The image on the top right.

Top left Master Chief (Halo Series), Top right is a Clone Trooper, Bottom left Commander Shepard (Mass Effect Series), Bottom right is Edward Kenway (AC4)

1. It is a proposition to encourage the DEATHBATTLE between Naruto Uzamaki and Ichigo Kurosaki. The one on the left is Naruto and the one on the right is Ichigo.

2. There isn't a message to this piece.

3. i think the strength of this is how good the characters came out.

4. I struggled with the aura round both characters.

5. i would redo the aura on the characters.


We are a California Partnership Academy at Canyon Springs HS in Moreno Valley, CA and our career focus is in the digital arts!


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