Personal Project #2 goes here.  Post a response to the following questions in paragraph format.

  1. Please describe your piece with as much detail as possible.
  2. Is there a message? If so, what is it?
  3. What do you feel are the strengths of this piece?
  4. What did you struggle with?
  5. What would you redo if you could?

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1.) I usually make up characters for stories (that I almost never end up writing) and end up sketching them out to develop them, this one is named Henrietta. I know she's not the most appropriate but most of my character's aren't. Despite her appearance she's actually really familiar with the medical field and is a sort of doctor for people in shadier part of whatever city she lives in, which is why her nickname is Scalpel.

2.) No message, just the character

3.)I really like the rough look of it, most of my drawing style isn't very refined but I like the result of it with Henrietta

4.)I struggled with trying to put clothes on her, then I gave up and made her have tattoos

5.)I would try adding color somewhere and more depth, which is something I regularly struggle with in most of my scanned in drawings


there is no message

the strength would be the cool effect of the smoke txt

i struggles with making the smoke realistic

i would redo the color so it can pop out a little more



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