(Updated Version) Majin Buu, pure rage incarnate, and Mephiles the Dark, the malevolent conscienceness of the sun god Iblis. Both of these destructive entities merged form the best of both villains, Kid Buu's raw power and regenerative abilitiy with Mephiles' cold calculative mind. I decided to use Kid Buu instead of the other incarnations because: 1. combining Mephiles with Fat Buu to me seems like how Buu was in the beginning of the Buu Saga/Arc in Dragon Ball Z. 2. Super Buu is basically this concept (Buu put together with Mephiles) since Super Buu uses startegy along with his strength when battling his enemies (Which could also be a reason not to make this drawing, but I do what I want fool! That, and the next point kinda debunks this.) 3. Kid Buu to allows me to properly incorporate Mephiles with Buu since Kid Buu gives little to no thought when it comes to his actions, providing Mephiles the perfect room to make this combination happen. So, this is basically a shorter vesion of Super Buu in terms of personality; Regardless, this piece will remain unique to me and was fun to make-kinda. Anywho, half of the image is covered to avoid spoiling the next upcoming mashup between Dragon Ball and Sonic the Hedgehog. So for now, crumble before Mephiles Buu the Dark!

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