Zavok, the leader of the Deadly Six, and Janemba, the amalgamation of a millennia worth of pure evil from the darkest of souls. While I could have put Janemba together with Infinite, the newest villain of the Sonic universe (since both have matter manipulating powers), I wanted to save him for another character that may or may not come up in the future. In addition to the topic of Sonic Forces, Zavok was a villain in the upcoming game that I have not made any art for, excluding Shadow since he is easily associated with Vegeta and there is already plenty of art online depicting this connection; However, there are none for the other character connections, which is a reason why I made these mash ups pictures in the first place. So with that aside, Zavok's strength, leadership skills, ability to control electronics with his mind and intelect along with Super Janemba's ability to manipulate his matter to teleport create Zanemvok - the final member of my own personal group of villains. P.S. - Janemba's regular giant yellow form can easily be associated with Zomom, the fat powerhouse of the Deadly Six.

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