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Assignment for April 18

  • ACT 1 - Google Sites 
    • Your portfolio needs the following links:
      • Home
      • Portfolio
      • Sketchbook
      • Inspiration (AIGA Article Reviews)
      • Anything else you might want to add...
    • EVERY page needs a GIF header
    • Sketchbook for this week - posted by April 25
      • Sketch out a visual definition of each of the following: Determination, Integrity, Grit
    • AIGA Article Review - this will be article review…

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Google Sites link

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3.6 Assignments

I will be back tomorrow.

ACT 1 - Cotinue working on your Stencyl game. I will check on progress tomorrow when I return. I want these completed by Friday!

ACT 2 - Personal Project 2, I will come around to each of you tomorrow to check on progress and your ideas. These are due next Friday! March 16.

ACT 3 - We need to start updating your Google Sites. On the home page you need to add an artist statement. Like an introduction to a good book, your statement presents and…


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3.5 assignments

ACT 1 - games need to be completed this week. I will verify progress on Wednesday.
ACT 2 - personal project 2. Complete project is due March 16. Work on Jones’ project as well!
ACT 3 - VAPA logo should be completed and submitted! Check the forums for where.

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Hit the link. I need this today!

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2.22.18 - Assignments

Hey, It is freshman recruitment day! I will be in the theater all day if you need anything.

ACT 1 - Stencyl - I want to check your progress tomorrow during class. I want these completed by next Thursday!

ACT 2 - Get your Sites cleaned up and submitted in the right place.

ACT 3 - VAPA logos. These are due NEXT FRIDAY!

Also, the new ACT promo can be found here - …


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2/14/18 - Periods 0-2

Happy Valentines Day! I will be back by 3rd period today.

Sketchbook Wednesday - All Classes! - Hand letter a message of love to a person, place, or thing. Be sure to add some design elements to  make it look awesome! Fill the page!

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Student Course Choices for 2018-2019

I know that it is early in the year, but we need to start figuring out scheduling for next year. Could you please take the time and fill out the form below. Please give your best guess as to what classes you are going to take next year. This isn't an absolute, but it give us an idea as to what to offer. Please and thank you!

Schedule Form

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2/1/18 - Assignments

We are on Assembly Schedule. The Google Calendar has the right times! 

2nd Period! - You will go to the first Assembly. Wait for the sub to take roll and for the office to dismiss you to the Assembly!

ACT1 - Stencil Challenges! - Help each other out and get this done! Think about using the preset Behaviors to help you, too! Monday, we will begin designing your own game!

ACT 2 - Your resumes are supposed to be due as well as the Pre Planning for Personal…


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Assignments for the day!

ACT 1 - Assignment: Choose one of the three challenges found at the end of the Invaders tutorial.

Scroll down to CHALLENGES portion!

Challenge 1: Find a way to make the Enemy…


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ACT 1 - Continue working on Stencyl: Crash Course 2 - Invader


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1/9/18 Assignments


Every level of ACT will be designing portfolios using Google Sites. These will be updated and adjusted weekly.

ACT 1 - This portfolio will end up being a part of your final grade and checked every two weeks.

ACT 2 - This will be a part of your Purge and final grade. They will also be checked every two weeks.

ACT 3 - You will present your final portfolio to the entire class as part of your final grade. I will check on them every two…


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1/8/18 Assignments


Grades will be submitted on Wednesday!

  • Check Infinite Campus and verify what is missing
  • Email me at with links to whatever it is I am missing in the gradebook
  • Wednesday during class will be the last chance to get things entered for your semester…

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Assignment for 12/7/17

ACT 1 - Continue working on your "High Frequency Vocabulary Book". You have the basic skills to design in Adobe InDesign. Use your Mock-Up to help guide you as to where the pages and information go. Remember that you are designing an entire spread at a time, not just individual pages. Sketch out some layouts on your Mock_Up to see what loos good and go from there. You have the word list and the definitions, so all you need to search for is appropriate imagery for each word. Remember to use…


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Juniors and Seniors - Heads UP!

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation’s Student Leaders® Program is NOW accepting applications for the 2018 Student Leaders® program. 

Since its inception in 2005, the Bank of America Student Leaders Program has recognized more than 2,500 exemplary high school juniors and seniors who have a passion for improving their communities.  The program helps students gain a greater understanding of…


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A Favor Por Favor


Please fill out this survey. It is for a senior ACT English project

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Daily Agenda - 11.28.17

All classes!!! Please complete the following survey. It is for a student project.

ACT 1 - Last day to complete and submit your Hand Turkey. Please post your finished turkey as a JPG …


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Personal Project One- IT

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Assignment for November 9, 2017

ACT 1 - Hand Turkey Project

  1. Using your sketchbook and the word list from yesterday, sketch out five hand turkey that you would like to create. Consider the words on your list and attempt to incorporate some of those ideas into your sketches.
  2. Choose your favorite sketch or idea. This is what you will attempt to create using Adobe Illustrator.
  3. Look to the right of this page.
    1. There should be a "mail" icon. 
    2. Click on it. There…

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We are a California Partnership Academy at Canyon Springs HS in Moreno Valley, CA and our career focus is in the digital arts!


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