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Extra Credit?

edit* - only students who have completed the final may take advantage of this!

As the semester comes to a close, it has come to my attention that some of you may be lacking in the grades department. Generally, this is due to the fact that you may have never turned in a project or two and therefore have a zero on your grade report. Well, for those of you who are truly in need, I offer the following.

Visit a museum and earn extra credit.

It is quite… Continue

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Ok soo soome of u guys kno i woork for the hundreds LA
if u guys dont kno what that is then u guys are looosers hahaha
check it out
but for those who do kno were having a sale this sat and sunday @ the wearhouse
1729 wall st la ca thats the addy check it out

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Get PAID For Your Photography!

Newly launched FocalPop went live this week with a really cool premise: Anybody looking to buy a specific kind of picture will post a request and the amount that they're willing to pay, and photographers (you guys) submit your best stuff based on the request. Requester likes your picture/you get paid!

Of course the requesters are mainly agencies looking for commercially viable images, but what the heck--we live in a commercial… Continue

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Using a Critical Eye Toward Photo Composition

Check out this list of 25 tips to consider when framing your still or motion imagery. This is a great collection of the obvious and not so obvious.

25 Photo Composition Tips

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"Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like a tamale in the...

"Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like a tamale in the morning!" - Nick O’Shay-uh.

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Pyrhha & The Flood

Model/Make-up/Hair: Camille Cox
Styling/Concept/Photo by me
During the Bronze Age, humans caused so much mayhem that Zeus bitterly decided to end humankind, sending the Great Flood to wash away the mortals. Prometheus, who was in jail, told his kind-hearted son Deucalion of his foresight of the end of the times, and warned him to build an ark to live through the deluge. Morally righteous Deucalion and his wife, Pyrhha, were the only survivors.

During the flood, the couple's ark landed on Mount Parnassus, the only place unharmed. Although grateful for their lives, they immediately grew sad and lonely, being the last two mortals. Deucalion consulted the oracle Themis and asked for guidance on how to repopulate the Earth.

"The Great Goddess heard their prayer and replied to them: 'Leave my temple, both of you. Let your clothing hang loosely, ungathered and unbelted. Hide your faces with your clothing, and as you bend down to the earth, throw the bones of your mighty mother over your shoulders and behind your backs.'" (-"Mythology & You," Donna Rosenburg)

Heeding the oracle's advice, they did as they were told. From what they tossed over their shoulders sprang up statues of women and men, which over time, turned into real flesh and blood, all eager to serve Deucalion and Pyrhha. The man and woman became king and queen of what we now refer to as "people" (laos in Greek) because they were created from stones (laas).

According to the actual story in Greek mythology, Themis' advice was a cryptic message. Deucalion and Pyrhha agreed that throwing the bones of their mothers seemed sacrilegious and disrespectful to the dead, so they thought to interpret their "mother" as Earth, and decided to use stones from the ground in place of bones.

For this photo, there is a lot of symbolism. Instead of using rocks I thought to use a skull instead (let's admit, rocks and stones wouldn't be as cool-looking, lol). Aside from the cool factor, the skull symbolizes the death of humans, and Pyrhha gently holding it in a somber fashion reveals her sadness and sorrow for being the last female mortal.

Having Camille in the water was also a representation of the flood. I draped her loosely in fabric, true to the myth. I did have a few shots with her hood on, but thought it looked less "witchy" and more whimsy without it on. Consider that minute factor plus the skull in place of stones my own twist to the story.

There you have it folks, death and rebirth, Greek mythology style.

Dreamscapes VIII: The Miracle

We are a California Partnership Academy at Canyon Springs HS in Moreno Valley, CA and our career focus is in the digital arts!



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