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Assignment for November 9, 2017

ACT 1 - Hand Turkey Project

  1. Using your sketchbook and the word list from yesterday, sketch out five hand turkey that you would like to create. Consider the words on your list and attempt to incorporate some of those ideas into your sketches.
  2. Choose your favorite sketch or idea. This is what you will attempt to create using Adobe Illustrator.
  3. Look to the right of this page.
    1. There should be a "mail" icon. 
    2. Click on it. There…

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Assignment for October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! I am at Warner Bros today taking a tour of the studio with some of your peers!

ACT 1 - Continue redrawing the Andre the Giant face in Illustrator. All of the pertinent info can be found here. Andre Redraw Tutorial

Also - don't forget to upload your Nike Swoosh and your last Photoshop project! Check the ACT Assignments for help.

ACT 2 - Pop up…


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Assignment for 10.23.17

I have been called in for Jury Duty.  Here is what I expect you to do.

ACT1 - Open your Jones/Mythological Creature Project in Photoshop.

  1. File Save For Web
  2. Settings: JPG, Maximum, Width = 1440 - Click Save
  3. Post to Behance and ProjectACT using the following steps
    1. Upload to Behance = …

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Warner Bros Field Trip List

The following students have earned a spot on the Warner Bros. Field Trip on October 31 pending attendance verification. IF you do NOT have 95% attendance we will not be able to take you with us.

  1. Hayes Renato 12
  2. Warren Seth 12
  3. Lafrenz Doug 11
  4. Cota Bobbi 11
  5. Castellano David 11
  6. Borja Kambriah 12
  7. Sanchez Katelyn 12
  8. Weaver Damion 12
  9. Jones Kayla 12
  10. Espinoza Vanessa 12
  11. Martinez Rosie…

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Assignment for 10.17.17

ACT 1 - If you are in Ms. Jones' English 2 class you will use my class time to work on her project. You have already created a word list/doodles and sketches for the project. It is now time to build the project using Photoshop and the skills you have developed. If there are no size requirements use the following: width: 17" x height: 11"; resolution 200 ppi; Color Mode: CMYK.

If you are NOT in Ms. Jones' English 2 class you will use the skills you have learned in…


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Assignment for 10.5.17

Thank you to all who attended last nights Meet, Greet, and Eat! I hope you and your parents enjoyed it as much as the ACT staff did!

Today and tomorrow are Ketchup Days! Check the board in front of the classroom to see what needs to be submitted for the 1st quarter grades. All of those assignments MUST BE posted on



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Inktober Extra Credit!!!

Follow the instruction in the "...the_forums" - Inktober Extra Credit

I will check your Behance Profile each Friday!

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Assignments for Friday, September 29, 2017

It is Friday!!!

REMINDER! - The Meet, Greet, and Eat is next Wednesday, October 4 at 6pm! I need to know FOR SURE who is coming! Email, a message through here, or Instagram if you are coming or not. If you already paid, you are all good! If you haven't... $5 per person.

ACT 1 - Click on this link - Photoshop Tools Study…


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1718 Warner Bros Contest!!!

Follow the link for more information -

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Open Lab Days are Tuesday and Thursday ONLY during second lunch! Apply for your pass/button today!

NO BUTTON = NO ACCESS! Fill out the form, print it, and turn it in to Ben.…


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Assignments for Thurs. September 7

While I am gone please do the following - 

ACT 1 (p.0 & p.5) - Lesson 03 Tutorial (Boat Tutorial) Help each other through this.

  1. From the Finder - Click on Go > Connect to Server and type in into the Server Address and click on "Connect"
  2. In the New Finder Window, navigate to: ACT1Group > Tutorials > Photoshop Tutorial > Lesson03 >
  3. Drag ALL 3 files into your ACT1 folder. 
  4. Double click on Lesson03.pdf - These are…

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Alumnus Update...

Cool article about one of our own! Jose Menendez is an ACT and CSHS alumnus from the Class of 2002! Ever stylish and always creating, he has…


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Hello Hip Hip Kidlets,

We have the hardware for 3" and 1.25" pin back buttons AND 1.25" keychains. The current cost is:

  • 1.25" pinback buttons  = 25 cents
  • 3.00" pinback buttons  = 50 cents
  • 1.25" custom keychain = $1.00

Check out the post in the Lounge for templates to help you design the button. All the instructions are there. Be sure to check with ben before you make your button. …


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2016-2017 ACT Promo Video

Directed by Nathan Preciado and Seth Warren, including Kevin Martinez

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ACT Assignment for November 17, 2016

There should be a guest speaker from FIDM today. Please assist them if needed. There is a laptop on the podium and the projector should already be on and ready to go.

IF, the guest speaker is unable to make it, do the following:

ACT 1 - Research the following basic elements of design: Line, Shape, Value, Texture, Color, and Format

Using Google Docs I want you to define each element, describe each elements…


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Assignment for November 3, 2016

Here you go! All of the details are in the

ACT 1 - TWO THINGS 1. Fill out this survey 2. Photoshop Retouching Tutorial - All of the pertinent information is on Google Classroom. You are doing this one ON YOUR OWN! It is a good lesson on Photoshop, Reading…


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ACT Assignment for November 1

ACT 1 (periods 0 & 5) - KETCHUP DAY! This your last day to complete the Zombie Tutorial. Instructions can be found on your Google Classroom page! When your Zombie is complete you need to File>Save for Web with the following settings: JPG; Quality=Maximum; Change width to 1,000 pixels. Upload the jpg to your Behance page. Help each other out!

ACT 2 (periods 1 & 2) - Custom Cubees. The final project is due FRIDAY, November 4. The project is NOT done until I have a…


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ACT Booster Club Meeting

Please forgive the last minute invitation, but you are invited to join us for a brief Booster Club meeting on Monday, October 17 at 5pm in room 301. You can also join us online through Google Hangouts at

We will be voting in new officers and setting up a calendar for the 2016-2017 school year. Please join us in supporting the program and…


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Choose one:

  • Personify a genre of music.
  • Draw something exploding.
  • Draw a giant, magical dragon.

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Assignment for September 12

ACT 1 (period 0) - go to, find the + sign and choose to JOIN CLASS. Use the following code to join the Elements of Design 1 class = r00zbv 

There are several assignments posted that you need to complete. Help each other out and get these done ASAP!

ACT 2 (period 1) -…


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We are a California Partnership Academy at Canyon Springs HS in Moreno Valley, CA and our career focus is in the digital arts!

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